The Busy Hat: Forgetfulness

Pregnancy did a number on my brain. I can’t remember … anything. When I was pregnant, I was the worst. I had no short-term memory. Hormones, I guess. Now, it’s the same but different. I forget things. I once took a burp cloth to the gym thinking it was a towel. I stood in the shower and couldn’t remember if I just washed my hair. And the latest? I carried my iPod with me the entire afternoon, thinking it was my cell phone. I blame it on sleep deprifusion, as noted here.

One thought on “The Busy Hat: Forgetfulness

  1. ooh, look how skinny you look!! I was looking for my sunglasses last week before I figured out I was WEARING THEM. Not on my head, but on my face. We’ll sleep someday, yes?