The Culinary Hat: White Chicken Enchiladas

I’m making these tonight, Easy & Creamy White Chicken Enchiladas. When I find recipes online, I make sure I read through all of the reader comments before preparing. Sometimes readers leave some of the best tips. And for someone who isn’t good at cooking (I once put salad in the freezer to chill it just a bit) I need all of the user tips I can get.

Wish me luck!!!

View the recipe & the step-by-step photo tutorial on Food Family & Finds.

5 thoughts on “The Culinary Hat: White Chicken Enchiladas

    1. fantastic! I didn’t have “sea salt” so I just used regular old salt and I don’t think that made a difference. I also used 2 cups of cheese instead of 4 cups (as if that really cuts down calories), and it tasted fabulous! I recommend.

    1. Send that recipe on over! I love avocado. These were delicious as well. I have a recipe for Green Chili Chicken Lasagna, totally different but had the same great flavor.