The Daughter Hat: Candid Moments

Photos tell the best stories. Especially the candid photos. You know, the one’s you take when you’re not aware someone is taking your photo. These are two photos of me and my dad. Two photos where you can tell everything by the expression on his face.

He’s looked over me, taught me to grow and molded me into who I am for 28 years. He survived the teenage years. The “You ruined my life!” and “I don’t tell you to clean your room, why are you telling me?” hellish moments that I gave him from ages 9 to 19. (he tells me Kelsey will pay me back when she’s a teen and that he will enjoy every second of it). 

Dad, you’re amazing! I mean, who else would wear a suit to the zoo?

Here are 15 things you may or may not know about my dad.

  • He was a football player at U of A
  • He was a Sigma Chi
  • His high school mascot was a bunny (so fierce)
  • He used to always carry around a pack of Certs
  • He wears contact lenses
  • He still has his high school letter sweater (not jacket … sweater)
  • He reads a book nearly every couple of days
  • He loves to plant flowers
  • His favorite food is “a good steak”
  • He has a degree in Civil Engineering
  • He’s a Christian
  • He always wanted to fly an airplane
  • He still calls his mom “mother”
  • He LOVES being a Grandpa and dancing with Kelsey
  • He would do anything for his family!

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