The DIY Hat: Party Favor Prototype

I am making party favors for my sister-in-laws baby shower tomorrow. I’m sure you do this too … before you make 30+ favors, you make a prototype. Meaning, you create one favor to see how it looks. Make edits accordingly, then when you are satisfied, you begin to mass produce.

Well … before I order 125 mini “chippers” from Paradise Bakery, I wanted to see how many I needed to stack up to create a cute tower. My plan is to put little cookies in baggies, tied with ribbon and twine, make mini labels with cut-out butterflies (her shower theme), topped with a purple rhinestone.

Last night, I purchased a few mini cookies to make my tower. Come to find out … my husband ate all but one cookie (why do they leave just one? to be nice?). Thus, leaving me with one sad little cookie to make my prototype. So, it’s a gamble, but I put in an order for 125 cookies, estimating 5 cookies per tower and I’ll start assembling tonight.

Here’s how it looks with one sad cookie thus far. Ugh. MEN!!!

click to enlarge

4 thoughts on “The DIY Hat: Party Favor Prototype

  1. This happened for MY sister-in-laws baby shower. BUT, it wasnt favors, it was part of the brunch I was bringing. And, it wasnt the prototype, it was the real deal, the morning of. House full of boys means I got out with 4 less egg sausage muffins than I had made 15 minutes before. My tray looked a little sad:( AND, they were chasing me out the door for more.

  2. MEN!!!! That’s horrible. And very, very funny. Thank goodness (once these are done) they will be tied in little baggies that my husband can’t open. Egh!