The Eco-Friendly Hat: Starbucks

Make a Difference day is October 23, 2010. What will you be doing? I was inspired by this day to start making a difference every day. I thought, what do I do every day? Drink coffee! So, I purchased this Reusable Starbucks Cup Sleeve for my drinks. Instead of the paper sleeves they give me, I’m going to start using this cool wool sweater-looking thing to wrap around my lattes. The cost was $4.32 (the price of one Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte). The slight downside? The cup doesn’t fit as well in my car cup holder, but that’s a small price to pay for making a great change.

Coffee lovers – you can go one step further and drink from a reusable travel mug. If you bring one into Starbucks, you’ll get a ten-cent discount on any beverage. Calculate the impact and make a pledge today!