The Family Hat: D is for Dominos

Today, my parents are in New Mexico celebrating my great-grandma’s 95th birthday! She was born in 1916 and has seen it all. There is more knowledge and life living within my grandma than my entire family combined. She is the most amazing Christian, mother, grandmother, great-grandma, great-great grandma, cook, wife and friend … ever! Talk about many hats … Grandma Pauline has worn them all. And with grace, might I add.
There are many things I remember about Grandma growing up, and one of them is dominos. Whenever we were at the farm (yes, she also had a farm … with cattle, peacocks, coyotes and fresh vegetables), we would stay up all night playing dominos.
This Christmas, Grandma Betty (her daughter) gave me the original set of dominos that we used to play. This gift was very special to me – as it reminds me of these nights with Grandma. I will keep them in a safe place, always. I won’t keep them in a box on the shelf, but rather in their original leather-bound casing and we will play with them often.
Here is Kelsey bug playing with this set of dominos this afternoon. She loves to pick them up just to knock them down again. Grandma, wish we were there to celebrate with you. HAPPY 95TH BIRTHDAY, TO YOU!

Kelsey with her great-great Grandma Pauline!!!! (September 2010)