The Family Hat: Date with Uncle Shaun

My brother, Shaun, was visiting from Austin, Texas this weekend. A Saturday morning shopping trip was on the agenda. We visited the Apple store to get my mom an iPad (she has one and I don’t. fair?).

During this shopping trip, I learned that Kelsey knows more about the iPad than I do. Man, this generation is going to run tech laps around us – don’t you agree? And yes, you can say it “Where did your enormous belly come from?!” I’m getting that a lot lately.

Pit stop at Nordstrom Cafe for a jolt of java.

Everyone’s eyeing the iPad, even little stinker in the corner.

There she goes. It took her about 7 seconds before she grabbed it.

Don’t get in between a toddler and her Dora the Explorer app.

We made it out without a tantrum! We only had to purchase the iPad, ride the escalator 5 times and run into Pottery Barn Kids for a toy. But, hey, I still call that success! Besides, she loved her shopping date with Uncle Shaun.