The Family Hat: Disney at Dark

Last night, my family and I visited Disneyland’s California Adventure. We heard the show, Water of Color, was amazing so we decided to check it out. After a quick detour on the Little Mermaid ride, we located our standing-only seats and settled in to view the show.

The minute the show started – I mean, the second the show started – Kelsey dove head first into my chest. She was scared from the noise and the bright lights. And thus … buried into my chest is where Kelsey stayed the entire time.

It didn’t bother me though. I took a seat on the cold pavement and with Kelsey in my lap we started singing and talking while everyone around us stood and watched the show. And you know what? I’m pretty sure I got the best seat in the house.

Here are a few photos from our night out at Disneyland.

Do you think she is upset because Shaun stole her signature color?

This photo makes me laugh. I was standing on my tippy toes to get it. Then, I slipped the minute I hit the flash. Hence, the streaks.