The Family Hat: Grandparents Day

Kelsey loves Tuesdays because Grandma “G-ma” and Papa pick her up early from school. They go back to their house and play, play, play. They bring Kelsey back to us bathed, fed and happy. My kind of day!

Today, Papa sent us a photo album of our little bug. Out of all the precious photos he captured of Kelsey, there was one that really stood out to me. It was a photo of G-ma and Kelsey.

G-ma is sitting, looking at Kelsey with such love. I know in this moment that she is sitting there amazed at her grand-daughter. She loves her so much and tells me all of the time how proud she is of Kelsey. As she puts it, “she’s G-ma’s special girl.” Oh these two are going to be power house shopping buddies with so many secrets, I’m sure of it.