The Family Hat: It’s a Zoo Out There!

Chickens, pigs, cows … oh, my! Not to mention one giant llama! This was our morning (last Saturday). Kelsey’s school was putting on a Spring Fling carnival which featured a Petting Zoo full of farm animals. My husband and I figured she was too young to understand what was going on – but, what the heck, we went anyway. And, I’m so glad that we did because we got a kick out of watching her try to figure it all out. Daddy and I let her walk inside the petting pin and, to our surprise, she was more interested in the wood chips on the ground than the live animals.
Here’s baby’s first interaction with farm animals.

(This one was my favorite because she is brushing Baby Cow’s hair.)

(Don’t these things spit? I was worried about that. Cool hair though.)

(She is so happy in this photo! I love it!)

(She wasn’t so sure about Mr. Goat.)