Let the Countdown Begin

I waited and waited and waited, until I couldn’t take it anymore. I booked our first family vacation to Disneyland! I’m pretty much obsessed with Disneyland. We’re going when Kelsey is closer to 2 years old. Although, she still might not fully get it, it will be great memories for us. We’re taking my parents and brothers along for the ride for extra hands. I have a strong feeling that we’ll need it.

If you have tips for families traveling to Disneyland with a child under two – please send them my way here.

Let the countdown begin.

Disneyworld family vacation


3 thoughts on “Let the Countdown Begin

  1. Disneyland is awesome, but it’s even more magical when you get to share the joy with your child(ren)! We just returned from the most amazing Disneyland vacation of all times. We loved it so much we got annual passes! We can’t wait to go back again. 🙂

    1. Andrea, you are the expert so I can’t wait to pick your brain on traveling to Disneyland with your children. Your pictures are too cute for words. 🙂