The Family Hat: Little Lemonade Stand

Last weekend, Ryan and I went back to the cabin. This time we took my parents with us. Saturday was spent at a local fall festival and car show. Nanni and I had just sat down when we looked up to find Kelsey and Grandpa hanging out at this cute little lemonade stand. They were waiting patiently for Hawaiian Shaved Ice.

Check out little-miss-ants-in-her-pants as she waits for her Ice.

Judging by the look on her face, she was one satisfied customer.

3 thoughts on “The Family Hat: Little Lemonade Stand

  1. too funny! vicky, joe & friends did exactly that in pinetop this weekend… a fall fair and the car show! now i’m really bummed we didn’t go. at least i get to see you this weekend! xo