The Family Hat: Turkey Day

Thursday was my first Thanksgiving away from my parents. While they were 2 states away visiting my brothers, we were at my in-laws celebrating a wonderful holiday. I kept our family tradition alive and made mom’s famous “pink salad” for dinner. The salad is a mix of cranberries, sugar, pineapples, apples, mini marshmallows, grapes and cool whip! It was delish!

Kelsey had a great 1st Thanksgiving. She tried mashed potatoes for the first time … and hated them. She tried sweet potatoes and hated those too. So, after a little nibble of everything on mom’s plate – she opted to eat her baby food. This girl knows what she wants and who am I to argue? Here are some photos of our day.

Getting ready to chow down
Our host!
Mother-in-law and our Aunt cooking away
So interested in Auntie's glasses
Too distracted to sit still
The kids' playroom
"I'm not sure about this"
Taking a break with dad
Flirting with Gavin
Let me out!

One thought on “The Family Hat: Turkey Day

  1. I love it that Mary Ann and Rob now have a playroom. Who knew that would ever happen. Looks like you guys had a great Thanksgiving. Hope to see you soon. Kelsey is adorable!