The Fashion Hat: Vintage Vogue Covers

It’s June already! I can hardly believe it. If you know me, then you know about my love for fashion magazines. I love the artwork inside. In fact, I’ve been ripping out fashion print ads for years. I save them in a little folder and I like to look at how fashion and print has changed over the years. Anyway, in honor of June, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite June magazine covers from Vogue – the fashion go-to. Did you know this fashion mag was first started in 1892 as a weekly publication. 1892! Wow.
Check out these wonderful vintage Vogue covers.

Vogue June 1913
(the dresses seem a bit racy for this time period, don’t you think?)

Vogue June 1921

Vogue June 1930
(before they found their trademark logo)

Vogue June 1947 (price: 35¢)

Vogue June 1950 

Vogue June 1963

Vogue June 1958
(love the headline about false eyelashes, but what’s up with the cat?)

Vogue June 1987

Vogue June 1991
(Cindy was my favorite super model)

Vogue June 1992 (price $3)

Vogue June 1996

Vogue June 2011 (price $4)