The Friendship Hat: Bon Voyage, Heather & Co.

Thursday is a fun day for my friend Heather. She and her husband are moving south for the season. He’s a trainer for the Boston Red Sox. She’s an amazing mom to baby Ava. And together, they are moving to Florida (temporarily) for the Spring Training season. I know she is excited to get out of the fra-eezing weather and back to a place full of sunshine and palm tress. Safe travels, Bras. I’ll be wearing my Red Sox hat for you.

July 2010 - Heather with Wally and Baby A

3 thoughts on “The Friendship Hat: Bon Voyage, Heather & Co.

  1. You are too funny! To add insult to injury with this ridiculous weather here in Boston my flight got canceled for Thursday morning so I am stuck here with the crazy snow up to my knees for another day! Friday is the new “D” day!