The Friendship Hat: Brunch, Baby.

This morning, Kelsey and I went over to my VERY best friend, Angie’s house for brunch. We had eggs benedict, Starbucks and watched this little girl run through the house. It is a house that I used to live in and it holds many, many, great memories for me. Angie is such a special person and one that I’m so blessed to know. unfortunately, we didn’t get a photo of the three of us – all eyes (and camera lenses) were on this cutie and her signature pout.  
Thanks, Smee for a wonderful morning and for taking this great photo for me!

One thought on “The Friendship Hat: Brunch, Baby.

  1. I love you guys so much!! I am just now seeing this, but I had an amazing time with you and Kels on that Saturday. It makes me sad that we don’t do stuff like that more often.

    You guys are ALWAYS welcome at my house!!
    Seriously. Always.