The Friendship Hat: Labor Day 2012

Labor Day pool parties look (and sound) different when you have kids. This year, we traded in cocktails by the pool (because seriously who can carry a drink and hold a toddler above water) and had ourselves a merry ole’ time with some of our dearest friends.

There were 5 toddlers under the age of 3 in the house and one itty bitty baby. We drank, we ate, we swam and we watched our kids run their little hearts out. Thanks to all who came – we hope your kids are napping right now.

Ava Grace jumped off the diving board like 20 times. It was a trip to watch Heather tread water, while balancing on a kids float, then catch Ava and bring her back to the side of the pool. 10 points for this mom of the year.

Zac belly-flopped off of the diving board like 32 times. In all fairness, his dad started it.

Ryan, Kelsey and (of course) Logan. Who literally photo bombs every photo I take. Here’s more proof. If you’re wondering, she didn’t jump off the diving board because it was “too scary”.

Morgan – aka little fish, was darling to watch in the pool. She is such a great swimmer and was “water teacher” to Kelsey.

Jason just chilled on the couch and looked around like all of these kids were crazy. One day you’ll join ’em kid. One day.

My favorite little girl wearing her Minnie Mouse swim suit cover up. I swear, girls have the best clothes. What are we going to do with a boy? Sigh.

After lunch we were lucky enough to listen to this trio play us some tunes. TJ is the one in his undies. He is his father’s son. That’s all you need to know.

Kelsey is sound asleep right now and her dad and I might just join her. My dad always says: Chlorine + Sun = tired children. Although, he failed to mention it makes for exhausted parents too. Happy Labor Day!