The Friendship Hat: Missing Someone

Sarah’s the one in the red dress. She was spunky and truly infectious. I think everyone that met her or knew her well can tell you a few stories about how she touched their lives. I know my friends are deep in mourning as we all struggle to come to the realization that this is real: She’s really gone.

“But she was only 29!” I keep telling myself. As if it’s up to me when and where God can call someone back home. Today, at work, I had a lot of high and low points. I wanted to just yell, “this isn’t fair!” and “how can this be!” but I never did. I prayed a lot for her family. As a mother myself, I just can’t even imagine how devastating the loss of a child would be, at any age. It’s truly hard to believe and really hard to comprehend.

We will celebrate your life and always remember you, Sarah Leaf.