The Friendship Hat: Play Dates!

Tonight, Kelsey and I hosted a fun play date. While the daddy’s hung out (Fantasy Football Draft), us mommy’s got together for a little fun. We played with all kinds of toys, ran around the house toddler-style and formed a three kid band. Oh, and we all painted our nails.

In this photo, Morgan has no pants, Kelsey is in pajamas and Zac has his toe nails painted. And they all have instruments. What? It was a wild n’ crazy night.

Kelsey set the table, complete with place cards for each guest so “no one would take her pink cup”.

Zac being cute as a button. And a good sport for hanging with girls all night.

A new game she made up. It’s called grab all of the paper cups and straws in the house and see how many of them you can get dirty. I hope your weekend is off to a great start too!

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