Car Seat Coolers

This idea is genius. My friend’s mom makes Car Seat Coolers to ensure our babies tushies stay nice and cool in the hot summer sun. I have one, and I love it!

Your custom cooler comes with two ice packs – keep them in the freezer, then place them into the bag when you’re ready to leave for the day. Put the bag over your car seat when you are running errands. When you return to your car, the car seat is nice and cool. Trust me, your little tot will thank you.

I got one as a gift and I think I’ve already used it about 20 times. You pick the fabric (choose from an array of colors) and Gina will make you a Car Seat Cooler. The turn around time for production is about 5-7 days. Want one? Email The price is $45 and includes two ice packs (the bags are pocketed lined so your seat doesn’t get wet).

Make sure to tell her you’re a friend of mine.

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