The Girlfriend Hat: Momversations

Last night, I had a girls night out with four amazing friends. Between all of us, we have five children under the age of 2! Can you believe that? Four of us had babies all within two months of each other. It is babypalooza with this circle of friends. I wouldn’t have it any other way – pregnancy is awful, but going through it with your friends, makes for a more humorous experience. In fact, the same goes for life. Walking through it with good girlfriends will make everything seem more entertaining and less stressful. I love this group. We are a bunch of super moms who prove to ourselves every day that we can do it all – it’s a tough job, but we’re doing it well. Cheers to great momversations last night about life, husbands, celebrity crushes, babies, ghosts (Jamie!) and a good ole’ game of telephone!

From left to right: Kamryn’s mom, Zach’s mom, Morgan’s mom, TJ’s mom, Kelsey’s mom!

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