The Helicopter Hat: Black Hawk Mom

Ryan calls me a helicopter mom because I’m “always hovering over Kelsey.” To which I joke back, “there has yet to be an accident on my watch!” and besides, I’m just a first-time-mom who is attentive. It’s in my mom DNA. I find myself anticipating an accident before it happens. It’s like defensive driving, only defensive parenting – I guess.

He’s joking, of course. But still … so what if I look like this?

What type of mom are you? Take this quiz to find out? For the record, husband – when I took this quiz over a year ago, I was an “Alpha Mom”. I just took the quiz again, for good measure, and I’m still an Alpha Mom. So, there.

6 thoughts on “The Helicopter Hat: Black Hawk Mom

  1. Ha. I’m a helicopter. And I think I’m really ok with the explanation…and yes, it’s Sunday night and lunch for tomorrow is made, so is coffee and her registration papers for next year are filled out with checks paper clipped to them in the bag full of the class snack. Yeah…

  2. haha. I love this! I would rather be a black hawk mom than a non-existent one. Beth, maybe by kiddo three (who said that?) we won’t be so crazy. 🙂

  3. i just took the quiz because i felt as if i was a helicopter mom,at least when my girls were smaller, however the result of the quiz was

    The Funseeker Mom:
    Funseeker Mom is always ready for action with a cooler full of snacks, ice-cold juice boxes and a go-to attitude. She makes the best of any situation, whether it’s a long carpool line or bad year in algebra. And, she never lets the fear of no available parking stop her from heading to the beach or the park with a carful of kids. She’s glass-half-full all the time.

    and im ok with that i think that i moved from helicopter mom as my girls got older..