The Holiday Hat: Christmas Light Poses

This year, we decided to kick it old school and trade in the white icicle lights for colored bulbs. So, there my husband was, standing in line at Home Depot on Black Friday for $2 LED multi-colored lights (reg. $11/ box). He did a fabulous job of hanging up the lights on our two-story house and – might I add – he looked so graceful in his Christmas light poses.

The Frog pose.

The Ballerina.

The Mission Impossible.

The Warrior.

 The Bear Hug.

The Helper.

I’ll snap some photos of the finished product because he did amazing!

3 thoughts on “The Holiday Hat: Christmas Light Poses

  1. oh my goodness! we’re totally on the same page. on sunday two of our white strands were half-out so we swapped them for colored lights. totally retro and i’m loving it. we’re very merry & BRIGHT this year! two story house light stringing is serious business! kudos to ryan!