The Homeowner Hat: Amen!

Perseverance, patience and yes – a little perspiration – pays off. After ten days without cool air, we finally have our air conditioning fixed! My husband gets a gold star for spending his weekend cleaning coils in 110-degree heat. My dad, daughter and dog receive the award for the “best assistants” Ryan could ask for.

3 thoughts on “The Homeowner Hat: Amen!

    1. Thanks, T! It was horrible. Luckily for baby, upstairs A/C still worked. We just had to camp out at the in-laws and parents house until 8pm every day before heading back home. It was a home warranty nightmare, but I’m glad it’s settled. The repair man took one look at our coils and said, “wow, someone really cleaned this well”. You could tell Ryan was patting himself on the back for that one. We’re back on track! xoxo

  1. so glad the stress of the a/c is over…hope the tub situation follows soon.

    have a RELAXING trip

    happy to see the hat still lights up!