The Hostess Hat:

If you can color in-between the lines, then you can make these cheesecake pops! They are that easy. I say that because I am a horrible baker and I made them. Delish! Do you remember my task to make these pops? Well, I made the cheesecake pops and they were perfect. Kind of. My pops were lumpy and not as picture-perfect, but they tasted great.

I cheated. I bought a New York Style Cheesecake (in the box) from Fresh & Easy. When you have a baby napping upstairs, time is money. One of the steps is to sprinkle Graham Cracker crumbs on the cheesecake, prior to hardening in them in freezer. To do this, I took a Ziploc bag and rolled the crackers with a rolling-pin until they were finely crushed. I also bought a styrofoam block to stick the pops in so they could dry.

The one tip I have: Decorate a couple of cheesecake pops at a time, and keep the remaining ones in the freezer as you work. Once they soften, they are impossible to keep in a ball on the lollipop stick. View directions here.

I was inspired to bake more, so I bought this Better Crocker baking guide (my Aunt Pam got me hooked on these mini-mags). Look who is on the cover this month: Bakerella! What a fun Halloween idea.