The Inspirational Hat: Motivational Monday

This picture hits home for me. Last night, my husband and I were up rocking Colton to sleep. We took turns because he had a 101 fever and was super fussy. All he wanted was mommy. So, I cuddled my little man and slept (kind of) in a chair all night, holding 20lbs of baby in my arms.

The minute Colton would find a comfortable spot on my chest was the minute my arms would start to fall asleep. I wouldn’t dare move them (you never want to wake a baby) so instead, I just sat up all night. Literally.

Ryan did amazing too. Switching off with me and running up and down stairs with bottles, medicine and burp cloths. As tired as I am this morning I’m reminded of another quote my friend said to me about kids, “The nights are long but the days are short”. Ain’t that the truth.

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