The Little Market by Lauren Conrad

I admit it. I follow Lauren Conrad’s blog. I actually find myself relating to a lot of what she talks about. I’m totally late to the party but I just learned about her initiative called, The Little Market. Together with her best friend, Hannah, Lauren travels the world  building sustainable partnerships with local woman artisans in developing countries.

The goal is to source lovely handcrafted products made by artisans groups that employ women. In turn, this helps to empower deserving women artisans to rise above poverty and support their families. Meanwhile, it exposes people like you and me to beautifully handcrafted products that have a story to tell.

I love the cause, I love the idea of The Little Market and I love the featured products in their shop. There are so many great products online, but I’m partial to these coffee mugs made in Tunisia by Le Souk Ceramique. I just can’t decide – two or four? All one color or a mix? Decisions. Decisions.

The Little Market Coffee Mugs The Little Market Coffee Mugs and Cups The Little Market - Lauren Conrad

Teri, you and Danny could start a business with all you have seen!

Images via The Little Market.

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