The Milestone Hat: Big Girl Class

Kelsey is on her second week in “big girl class”. She’s been going to the same school since she was 1 years old and two weeks ago she graduated into the next class. Which means, she has ditched the “sippy” cup and now drinks from a “big girl glass”. She eats “big girl food”, plays on the “big girl playground” and is busy making new friends.

Do you know what else this means?

It means potty training is on the horizon. Ryan and I are pretty terrified, to tell you the truth. I’ve heard stories from friends … but I have faith we’ll get through it smoothly. Too optimistic? If you don’t hear from me in about two weeks, it means we’ve gone mad trying to potty train.

Here’s to big things coming Kelsey’s way and lots of great new memories made … in big girl land.

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