The Mom Hat: Halloween Costume Dilema

Halloween is on its way! We just got Kelsey’s Halloween costume and to my surprise, she doesn’t want anything to do with it. I should have let her pick it out – but who wouldn’t want to be a baby blossom fairy?

I chose this one so she could wear it at school with ease (and because it has oh-so-pretty wings on the back. matching tights, booties and a cute blossom headband). Yet, the girl won’t step foot into it. I bring it close to her and she yells, “Noooooooo!” Someone tell her it’s Halloween and this costume is too cute to pass up.

So, until October 31, this costume is sitting on the piano in plain sight in hopes Kelsey decides she likes what she sees. If not, we’ll be the duo wearing shorts and a tee-shirt, asking for candy, on your doorstep. But hey, it would be better than last year when our baby had the flu. I’m crossing my fingers for a healthy baby blossom fairy.

3 thoughts on “The Mom Hat: Halloween Costume Dilema

  1. So cute, Steph! You should try and find a book or cartoon with a fairy dressed in a similar outfit to pique her interest. I think Barbie has some fairy characters that dress similar to that. Good luck!!