The Mom Hat: Halloween Dilema, Take 2

This is turning out to be the most expensive Halloween ever. My 2 1/2 year old has changed her mind on what she wants to be for Halloween three times. And yes, we have bought a costume each time. First up, was a snow angel. It is such a pretty white costume with fairy wings and the whole nine yards. Then, she changed her mind.

She wanted to be a ballernia. So, my girlfriend at work loaned us a ballernia outfit and shoes. I bought pink tights and hair pins for her hair. And was getting really excited for this new  costume. Then, she just changed her mind.

She came home from school today saying that she wanted to be Rapunzel. Now, I’m all for variety, but this is getting ridiculous. I like to be prepared and now I’m that mom running out the weekend before Halloween looking for a costume. I can’t return any of the others because my fear is we’ll have a tantrum if I do. Spoiled? Yes. You can say it. It’s true.

Lesson learned: Don’t buy the costume until the week before.

Remember the issue I had last year? Oh, but she eventually wore her costume and it was DARLING. See? Keep your fingers crossed I get her into something she loves this year.