The Mom Hat: We all Speak the Same Language

Today was proof that moms speak the same language – no matter what your financial situation, no matter where you live, no matter what you do for a living, we all speak “Mom”. We all get spit up on. We all feel tired. We all feel too busy. We all feel like no one understands. We’re moms. We’re dads. We’re parents. We’re crazy. We’re smart. But, most importantly, we all love someone more than ourselves. And that’s what makes us amazing!
Today, I was Freshly Pressed. My recent blog post appeared on the homepage of as a featured blog of the day. I was thrilled. Out of 1.4 million posts that day, this was the interesting one. The best part? Because of this exposure, I was able to connect with parents, daughters and sons that have one thing in common: We all have a childhood that we remember. And parents that told us things that we will never forget. Today, I met so many of you that I never knew before. All of your comments made me smile. They made me laugh. They made me sit behind my computer and say, yeah – I remember that parent phrase too! Read some of those comments here, I’m sure you will agree.
Anyway, when I found out my post was featured, I was thrilled. I opened a bottle of wine, poured a glass to celebrate and (as if I was in some cheesy movie) lifted my daughter up and spun her around. Yes, I really did this. Then, I looked into her eyes as if to find her smiling and saying, you did it mommy! But instead … But

This was the look I got. Rude!

9 thoughts on “The Mom Hat: We all Speak the Same Language

  1. She’s cute, but not as cute as my boys. 😉

    We either get total ham poses for photos or completely dour ones. There are times the boys are just not amused, no matter what mommy or daddy does.

    That said, if I offer myself as a wrestling mat, that often brings plenty of smiles and laughs.

    1. Spoken like a proud father! I bet your boys are adorable! Thanks for visiting and sending your feedback – I love hearing from other parents.

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    1. Thank you! I appreciate the nice comments. I am so happy you are finding useful information. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Just wait until she perfects her devil-baby look. Mine has it down so well that her nickname is Lucy-fer!

    Loving your blog and glad you were Freshly Pressed so that I found it!