The Mommy Hat: Colton is Growing

He’s growing so fast! 20lbs and 5 months later, this is what Colton is looking like. He’s pretty handsome, if I do say so myself. I’m jealous of his eyelashes and his laid back personality. And his lips. Love those.

He’s such a chill dude … until he wants something and then it’s game on. His scream still goes into octaves that I can’t even comprehend. He has the cutest cheeks around and lately we’ve been watching him eye his sister with such love. I just know he’s going to want to follow her around everywhere.

Here are two pictures of Colton this afternoon. Instead of napping (his choice) he laid in bed with mommy and daddy just oohing and ahhing. I seriously think Ryan and I could sit around all day, just watching him look at the world around him. He’s our favorite little mister.

colton at five months oldcolton at 5 months