The Mommy Hat: Funny School Photos

She is going to hate me for this. But this is too funny to pass up. We got Kelsey’s school photos and in every photo she looks like this!

This is not just a pout. This takes some serious practice. This is a “I-hate-everything-about-you-and-this-moment” face. This is the face of a true bossy pants. A true diva in training. And this, my friends is something Ryan and I will be showing her on her wedding day!

Next year, I’m going to act like a “toddler and tiara” mom and I’m going in with her. I’m getting a smile, even if it means I have to stand up behind the camera and do a little dance with bells and whistles on. Why? Because last year, this is what we got.

A little better, I agree. But, I want to see teeth! I want to see that pretty smile! I love everything about these photos though. Especially the last one. This first time mom forgot it was picture day. Hence the running shoes and socks for the holiday photo. Maybe that’s why she was upset.

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