The Mommy Hat: Halloween?

Too early? I think so. I just got an email from Pottery Barn Kids letting me know that Halloween costumes are in. It seems a little early to start planning October, but perhaps moms just are ahead of the curve. We were at Buy Buy Baby today looking for the next car seat. And what do we see sitting right next to the swimsuits and beach gear? Halloween costumes! What gives?
Pottery Barn Kids
PS – How cute is this little lady?

2 thoughts on “The Mommy Hat: Halloween?

  1. $49 bucks for a costume!! Crazy!! The other problem is that it’s always hot at Halloween – so you spend crazy money and then the kid wears half the costume all night. Case in point: Bay’s cow costume last year.

    1. Lucky for first born children, Grandma’s buy all of their costumes. Aren’t we supposed to be like our parents and make them? Long gone are those days. For me, anyway.

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