The Mommy Hat: Happy Birthday

Sweet child of mine, you’re two today! Happy birthday to be the prettiest, smartest, most awesome girl in all the land. Your father and I remember this day very well. Two years ago, you were born at 5:44pm. Daddy snuck in your first kiss, but I got to hold you for the first time.

We watched you take your first breathe, saw your eyes open for the first time (those pretty baby blues) and I got to stroke your left cheek as we layed (for what felt like hours) in bed together. I remember the way you looked at me. How could I ever forget? Your grandparents rushed into the hospital room and everyone cried with joy when you were born.

You are growing into such a lovely little girl. You can make your daddy do about anything you ask (keep that trait – it’ll come in handy one of these days) and you are so smart (so so smart). Happy birthday, sweatheart.

Photos from when you were itty bitty and only hours old.

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