The Mommy Hat: Just missing the beanstalk

6.5 monthsI’m always so impressed with Colton and today is no exception. He’s cutting a tooth. It’s 115 degrees outside. It was nap time. And bottle time. And you know what? Not a peep. He just sat there and loved on his mommy, played with his toys, and did his thing while the doctor checked him out.

He is a giant. A giant, I tell you. Super tall. Big. And perfect. He has such a gentle heart. By the looks of things, I think he’s going to drive all of the girls crazy too. His 6 1/2 month breakdown:

  • 22 lbs and 30 inches (that’s off the charts)
  • Cutting one tooth (front and center, bottom)
  • Loves to sit up on his own.
  • Sleeps on his tummy. His choice.
  • Wears size 4 diapers!!
  • Goes to bed about 6:30pm. Hungry at 11pm. Sleeps until 6am.
  • Then, some nights he’s up all night long. Fun stuff.
  • Loves his big sister
  • His Nanni taught him to stick out his tongue and spit. That’s neat.
  • Grabs mommy’s hair every chance he gets.
  • Eats real food! Carrots, bananas, peas, the works.

Remember when he was just two months old? The time really does fly.