The Mommy Hat: Mom Lingo

I will never, ever, ever use the phrase, “slept like a baby” in a sentence. Because, I am a mother – and I know this phrase is bogus. Life with a seven month old has given me sleep deprifusion. It’s a word. Check it out here.

Because of sleep deprifusion, I am chronically confused, due to lack of sleep. The proof? Since baby has been born I have:

  • Brought a burp cloth to the gym instead of a towel
  • Drove home from work, only to remember that I carpooled with my husband, and forgot to pick him up. Reverse!
  • Found myself saying, “huh?” more times in a day than, “hello”
  • There’s more. I just can’t remember. Go figure.

I’m tired. Very tired. Everyone told me raising a kid would be tough. But, no one told me how to do it on 2.5 hours of sleep. The craziest part? I look into these eyes and think, I would do it again … in a heartbeat. She’s brought so much joy to my life. Even though I constantly feel hungover.

One thought on “The Mommy Hat: Mom Lingo

  1. Babies are crazy. you look at them and you love them and you sort of want them and then you wonder what the hell is wrong with you for thinking that.