The Parenting Hat: My Own Advice

I took my own advice today. As seen in the post below, it’s a sweet reminder for parents (heck, for everyone) to stop, drop and enjoy the little things in life. So, last night – after dinner and before bathtime, Kelsey and I went outside to water the flowers. Ryan followed us and took the hose to water some more. He kneeled down to Kelsey’s level and let her hold the hose (she loves to help). From there, she started to slap her hand in front of the moving water: She giggled at the fact that she was splashing herself and daddy with water. It was a great moment. A little thing that ended up turning into a great memory for me. I snapped this photo so you could see her excitement.
I love her. I love him. I love this.

6 thoughts on “The Parenting Hat: My Own Advice

    1. Awe, Brit! I have no doubt (none!) that you’re future little girl will be decked out in bows, ribbons, ruffled socks and lots of pink too! Little girls are the best.