The Mommy Hat: Nasal What?

If you know what this is, you are a mom. If you know how to clean this, you are a super mom.

The best nose sucker out there!

I just figured out the best way to clean a nasal aspirator. It was an ah-ha moment, so I had to share with you!

  • Step 1: Fill the nasal aspirator with really hot soapy water
  • Step 2: Swish it around for about 30 seconds
  • Step 3: Squirt it out really hard
  • Step 4: Repeat 3 or 4 times
  • I always forgot step 2 – that is the key!

By the way, the best nose sucker around is the one they give you at the hospital.  They have been using them for years and they work the best. I swear, retailers will sell you anything, like a battery operated nasal aspirator. Really?

The Battery Operated Nose Sucker

2 thoughts on “The Mommy Hat: Nasal What?

  1. Eeewww! A battery operated one?! We use the hospital one too, the store bought ones are too big and you can’t get them in there! I put ours in the dishwasher to clean it – in the silverware rack and stick it down in a slot so the opening is down.

  2. Great idea! I could never get the icky stuff out of there. The battery one also plays 12 kids ‘tunes to distract the baby. I say if you are in the nose long enough to need a song and dance, it’s time to see the doctor.