The Mommy Hat: Not-so-Baby Toys

If you had to guess, what  item do you think holds a baby’s interest longer?

A).  Baby wipes from Costco

B).  A pink baby toy that jingles

C.)  A wallet.

If you answered A, you win! I took her to the doctor for a regular check-up this week, and I was digging into my diaper bag for things to entertain her. I had my wallet out (come to think of it, why did I have my wallet out?), the baby wipes and her pink baby toy. Turns out, the wipes did the trick. She was fascinated by the crinkly sound the bag made when she grabbed it. I snapped a photo of her (above) trying to decide which item to go for. Once the wipes went into her mouth, mommy decided that we were done with that game.

Update: She’s a healthy and happy baby girl. She is 8 days shy of her 8 month birthday, and she is 3 oz shy of 20 lbs! Look at her grow! I’m so proud.

6 thoughts on “The Mommy Hat: Not-so-Baby Toys

  1. My boys both prefer simple, non-toy items more often than not. And the toddler will gleefully find the boxes of kleenex or wipes and remove every single one, making a nice pile. Heck, even the four year old would take them out during potty time and line the sink with them.

    Children quite often are rather easily and simply amused. I see it again and again. Proof that all of the speed, color, noise, bells, whistles and glitter aren’t really necessary to stimulate or encourage continual play.

    My grandfather when I was quite young wanted to buy a special present for me. My father took him shopping and my grandfather picked out some nice plastic helicopter. My father noted that I’d probably be just as happy and play more with the box. My grandfather didn’t think it possible. Sure enough, I eschewed the chopper for the box it came in.

    We have dedicated the lazy susan in the kitchen to kitcheny things for the boys. They love the old spice bottles and pots and pans I picked up at rummage sales. They stack up unopened packs of wipes, and on and on it goes. Sure, they have plenty of “fancy” toys – we have a plethora of Thomas the Tank Engine toys and such – but they’ll often fall back on simple things, especially as they get bored or worn out quickly on all of the modern toys that fill this house.

  2. TJ totally loves wipes! Once while camping he literally sat there for 20 minutes while pulling each wipe out, one by one!

    And don’t forget the Spatula…..

    1. hahah! Yes, I remember. I actually gave her a spatula the other day because of you. It’s funny – she has 198 toys, yet a water bottle and wipes hold her interest longer.

  3. when my son was that age, and still to this day he loves to go through my purse. The wallet was his favorite. I actually gave him my wallet when I bought a new one and filled it with random business cards that I had laying around and he loved it. he would sit forever and take the cards in and out of the slots