The First-time Mom Hat: Pumpkin Ninja

Our afternoon started with this.

And ended with this.

I can explain. Today, we visited a Pumpkin Patch. Kelsey was having so much fun. She loved looking at all of the bright orange objects. She’s was loving the colors, the people all around and the miscellaneous Halloween decor hanging from the large red and white tent. I spotted a photo opt disguised as a barrel of hay and decide to place baby on it to take a photo. So far, so good. 

As we continue through the patch, baby is in great spirits. That is, until I glance over at her, resting on my hip, and see the pouty lip begin to surface. I don’t give it too much thought, since this look tends to be the look she gives us whenever she is in a new environment. It’s the I’m-checking-you-out-first-before-I-crack-a-smile look. Totally normal. So, I thought.

I look over at dad who is busy cleaning off a pumpkin. Yes, cleaning a pumpkin.  He’s “making sure this dirt comes off before we buy it. Yep, that’s my husband.

We get to the cash register and show baby our pumpkins. She looks up at us like, “This is it? This is what I got dressed for?”. We grab some complimentary lollipops and we’re out the door tent.

As we begin to leave, I put  baby into her car seat, dad gets in the driver seat and I jump into the front passenger seat. We decide to drive to the nearest craft store to get candles for our pumpkins, when we hear a gag. More like a choke coming from the back seat.
We glance over our shoulders into the baby mirror – which is perfectly positioned so we can see baby in her rear-facing car seat – and see vomit. Tons and tons of vomit! She’s puking. Very hard. She begins to choke.

I immediately jump from my seat like a ninja in the night. And in one swift move, I have maneuvered myself over the console and into the back seat next to my baby. I look into her eyes, and with my eyes, tell her everything is going to be okay. Faster than you can say, “Huh?” my husband has stopped the car and I’ve lifted her from the car seat onto my chest. I have her close to my heart and in my arms. She is safe now.
She looks up at me, as we both sit in puke, and smiles. She feels good. She knows mommy is close and she begins to laugh. Yes, laugh as if this was all a ploy to get out of her seat. My heart is racing as we enter the garage to our home. I take her inside and clean her up as dad cleans her car seat. I immediately call the on-call nurse and she tells me “it sounds like your baby caught a virus.” She was so clam. I was so panicked.

I take the docs recommendation to give her drops of Pedialyte to ensure she stays hydrated. After 30 minutes of playtime (she is feeling great now) I begin to put her down for a nap. Her eyes start to get heavier, and I find myself in her nursery with the music on, she’s resting her head on my chest, and we’re swaying back and forth, back and forth. About ten minutes go by and she is sound asleep. But, I can’t bring myself to put her into her crib. I want to hold her forever. Never let her get sick again. Never allow her to throw up. Never wanting her to be more than an arms reach away from me. But, I realize, I can’t hold her forever.
I gently lay her into her crib and smile. It was just a little vomit. It is just a little tummy virus. She is going to be okay. This will be the first of many upset tummys. There will be bumps, bruises and broken hearts in her future and I can’t protect her from everything bad. All Kelsey needs to know is that mommy and daddy will be there every step of the way. She’s never going to be alone. I promise to mend every hurt that I can. Starting with this tummy virus.

UPDATE: We’re hoping this was just a 24-hour bug. Last night she threw up again. This first-time mom gave her milk before bedtime. Bad idea. .

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