The Nesting Bug is Real

The urge to nest is in full force at the Cross household. Well, for me anyway. At 30 weeks pregnant, I’ve been busy going through boxes and boxes of Colton’s baby clothes to see what will work for Nolan. Since it’s getting hard to walk, squat, bend, stand, and shop (thank goodness for Amazon online shopping), I’m trying to get Nolan’s nursery put together sooner than later.

baby nursery toys

I busted out the nursery toys for the third (and final!) time. Seeing these toys again is making this baby thing feel more real. The kids were really funny yesterday. As we were going through these they would pick them up and go, “OOOOH” and “Awww”. Colton said things like, “This was mine, but I’ll give them to baby Nolan.” And then Kelsey turned to me as she held a rattle and said, “Mom, what does this thing even do?” Nothing, child. You just shake it.

baby toys

As I sat in Nolan’s nursery last night, I thought: Are we really going to dive back into sleepless nights, burp clothes and breast pumps? I guess so! Exciting and terrifying at the same time. Even if it’s my third child, the fear of the unknown never really goes away. At least I have the nesting bug to thank for helping me prepare for a baby one last time.

baby toys