The Parenting Hat: Baby’s Day Out

This afternoon, we took our (almost) 14-month old to the Science Center. My husband is a science buff, so I knew he would love it. To my surprise, baby did too! She loved the interactive exhibits – and she loved following other kids around. Especially one little boy. She had no idea what she was learning, but it was a lot of fun to watch her explore. My advice to you: Bring comfy shoes and hand sanitizer. I pulled a rookie move and forgot Purell at home. Germs aside, it was a great early afternoon activity for the entire family.
Here are some photos.

Get there early, and you’ve got the entire place to yourself. It took baby all of four minutes to jump out of her stroller and enjoy her new found freedom!

We learned about crops and how to grow vegetables in this exhibit. Kelsey loved pointing out the corn and green beans to us. Here she is showing us an apple … or cabbage. Or … I couldn’t tell what that was.

We also learned about X-rays. We Mommy had fun matching each x-ray with the appropriate animal.

There were lots of play stations for children under 2. We stopped for a bit and played with blocks and cars before going back to our objective: Science.

She followed this boy around everywhere. Finally, my husband and I had to take a detour so we could lose the fellow. We were starting to feel like this kids shadow.

Daddy and Kelsey loved the music exhibits. She loved to strum on the guitar strings to make different sounds. I feel like my husband could have spent the entire day in this exhibit.

We worked up an appetite by touching our toes and running around the entire place. We ate lunch at the Science Center cafe, then we all came home and took naps. Fun, but exhausting. We love exploring kid-friendly activities in our own town. And we are thankful to our friend, Teri for giving us tickets to explore our local Science Center.
Your marketing survey is complete, my dear.  

3 thoughts on “The Parenting Hat: Baby’s Day Out

  1. Aww, she is a cutie and she is so lucky to have great parents (especially a father who is a science buff) who took her to the science centre for fun and enjoyment.