The Parenting Hat: Bippity Boppity Blue

That’s the name of the paint color we chose this morning for our son’s nursery. It was a sad day taking down all of the princess things Kelsey had in there, but I’m really excited for this new chapter and lots of blue to follow suit. The room is really starting to feel like his own.

Ryan and I were at the store this morning and I ogled over so many cute accessories for his room. Until I was reminded by Ryan that everything I chose was too “girlie”. Think “trucks, baseballs and bikes”, he said. I think he’ll have to keep reminding me what boys like, because I’m clueless.

I have my inspiration piece: A cute stuffed animal Peter Rabbit. It has just what I’m looking for – tan and baby blue colors with hints of yellow and green. I think I’m on a good track so far.

You can view my Boy Nursery Board on Pinterest to get an idea of what I’m thinking. Here >

2 thoughts on “The Parenting Hat: Bippity Boppity Blue

  1. So cute! Bay and I had a similar conversation at Target last week. She asked me what some mask was (Star Wars, I think) and I said it was something boys play with. Then I realized that we are going to need to buy boy toys. She and I walked around baffled by the dinosaurs and planes…we then made a beeline to the Barbies.