The Parenting Hat: Father Figure

I’m writing this post because I feel like I need to shout from the rooftops how lucky I am. My husband is a world-class dad. He truly is. I have met so many wives and mothers who tell me that their husband don’t help with “motherly” duties . Duties that include daily, nightly and routine tasks with their children.

The mom baths the kid. The mom reads them stories at night. The mom tucks them into bed. The mom feeds them breakfast. And then the dad hangs out after work and on the weekends. Fortunately, that’s not the way it works in this household. My husband helps more than most. He and I take “shifts” during nightly feedings – always has, always will – and he is the one who begs to give them a bath. He can name every Princess and knows the 7 dwarves by name.

When I travel out-of-town for work, he doesn’t cry for help – he doesn’t ship the kids off – but rather, he takes on the challenge full force. We actually had someone turn to us recently and ask, “Hey, dude, when your wife is out-of-town what do you do?” What do you mean, what do we do. “I mean, what does Ryan do. How does he do the mom thing and go to work.”

The mom thing? As if parenting is just a mom thing. It takes two people, people! Have you ever heard the saying, “it takes a village …” Well, I’m pretty sure they were talking about raising children. So, this post is more of a ‘bravo-post’ for my husband. Bravo for being so involved. Bravo for always helping around the house. Bravo for never making me feel that just because I was born a girl, I have to do all of the work.

And bravo, for being the most important man in our children’s lives. I am very lucky to have you. More importantly, I’m very lucky to have you parenting besides me. Not in front of me, or behind me. You’re always right next to me when someone is throwing up. When someone has a bad dream. Or when someone just wants to cuddle before bedtime. Thank you, Ryan – for being one heck of a daddy.

great father figure *Can you spy little Colton down there?