The Parenting Hat: Girls will be Girls

It’s something else having one of each. Colton is only 8 months old and already I can see the difference between boys and girls just by the way they play with toys.

Kelsey would analyze a baby toy. Hold it tight, and really try to figure out how it works. Same toy. And Colton eats it. Throws it across the room. And bangs it against another toy. It’s cool having one of each and being able to celebrate their differences.

But, don’t count Kelsey out just yet. She can climb a tree just as easy as the boys can. And she can do it in a dress! She’s more of a risk taker than her mom and I love that about her.

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mom blog *Don’t worry. I was hovering down below just in case she fell. My husband doesn’t call me “helicopter mom” for nothing (although, when he starts making propeller noises around me, that gets kind of annoying). She’s my first-born. I’m totally allowed to hover.