The Parenting Hat: Little Miss Personality

Kelsey’s personality is really starting to show. As an almost-14-month old, she is loving, happy, smart and her attitude is extremely infectious. She’s a great blend of her father and I and we couldn’t be more proud. These images help to describe her personality. .

Busy! She is so busy. She can’t sit still for a minute. She has to be playing with a toy, putting on her bracelets, carrying a purse, digging through the Tupperware drawer. You name it. She has to be doing it.

She’s just like her momma: Independent! And, a bit bossy (I like to think of it as managerial). She knows what she wants, when she wants it. But, she is my daughter, after all.

She is just like her dad in this sense: When she first meets someone, or is introduced to new people, she is reserved. She looks around the room, as if to analyze the situation. She is very quiet. And then … BAM! Once she feels comfortable with you, she invites you into her world with open arms. She is a wonder to watch. Heck, this image should read “Little Miss WonderFUL“.

She loves to giggle, smile and laugh. She has a great smile – all 10 teeth poking through. She takes our breath away every single day. (You know the feeling you have towards your pets. You love them so much. They can do no wrong. Imagine that times 100,000,000. That is how it feels to see Little Miss Giggles every single day. Amazing, I tell you.)

Ah yes, the stubborn part. This comes with the territory. She can be more stubborn than me – and I’m a Scorpio! You remember this photo, right? She did not want mom. She only wanted dad. And no one was going to change her mind. Although, I don’t think this is a personality thing as much as it is a I’m-a-baby … literally. Thing. 

This is a fun one! She is talking more and more everyday! I can’t believe it. Today, I was tucking her into bed and she said, “buh bye mamma”. GOOD BYE MOMMY?!! Eek. I freaked out. This is exciting stuff. Keep on talking baby! Although, why do I have a feeling I’m going to eat those words later in life?

She is smart. Wicked smart. It’s no wonder because her father is very intelligent. I wonder if she’ll be more like me (creative thinker) or more like her dad (logical thinker). We shall see … whatever she wants, she can achieve.

Last, but not least … she is my Little Miss Sunshine. My favorite part of the day. She challenges me to be a better person. She is everything that is great in this world. If you don’t have babies, surround yourself with them. Sure, they cry, poop, scream, pout, kick and yank your hair out – but seeing life through your child’s eyes, living your childhood all over again, watching Saturday morning cartoons, washing little pajamas with feet built into them … nothing, NOTHING is better than that.

One thought on “The Parenting Hat: Little Miss Personality

  1. Perfectly said!!! There truly is nothing better than these little munchkins in our lives. It is, by far, the greatest thing in my world! Thanks for sharing little bits of your sweet, beautiful girl!! 🙂 xox