The Peacemaker Hat: The Things We Do

We’ve all been there. When you’re a parent, there is no shame in doing extraordinary things in public places to make your child happy. And when there is a tantrum about to brew, oh boy – you’ll do just about anything to get a smile. Straddle a cow at the zoo. Check.

What have you done to keep the peace in public?

3 thoughts on “The Peacemaker Hat: The Things We Do

  1. I did a “silly walk” across the parking lot of the grocery store while pushing a huge cart…I’m sure I entertained several people beyond just B.

  2. omg! i love this post… hahah what haven’t we done to keep the peace… we took Dyllan wine tasting with us this weekend- and she fell off the stool and bumped her nose pretty bad.. so before the WHALE and screaming started (and all the wine-o’s gave us dirty looks for having a 2 year old there) I quickly scooped her up, took her to the grape vines and pretended to be a wine monkey swinging from vine to vine.. she instantly forgot about her nose, and started laughing.. phew..