The Photography Hat: Simple Snapshots

Life around here has been busy. Great, but busy. Ryan and I are getting this two-kid thing down. Or, at least we think we are. And that’s probably because I’ve been off of work for 10 weeks. Here’s just a few snapshots from the past week.

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It’s truly amazing the kind of time you have when you subtract 40+ hours at the office and 6+ hours/week commuting. I have to say, staying at home isn’t always a walk in the park (although that has been nice too) but it sure beats the stress that comes along with meetings, reports, tight deadlines, business attire (yuck) and rush hour.

Besides, if someone is going to stress me out and get on my every nerve, it’s much nicer that that person comes with a cute tushie and big heart versus a balding man in a business suit. So -with a heavey heart -I bid you farewell, maternity leave. Until next time … (maybe).