The Planner Hat: Holiday Cards, Already?

Retailers are always three holidays ahead. Which is why, I have holiday cards on the brain. I’ve been browsing my favorite cards at – who just launched their 2010 Holiday Card Collection. I know what you’re thinking … Stephanie, let’s just get through Halloween first. But, you should really start looking into it. The last 8 months of my life have flown by. Before I know it, it will be Christmas, my baby will be 10 months old, and I will be thinking –  Why didn’t I order these sooner? Which is why, I’m planning ahead.
If you’re a busy mom, you will love this site! Here is one of my favorites.

Holiday Photo Cards
Holiday Photo Cards


3 thoughts on “The Planner Hat: Holiday Cards, Already?

  1. Me too! We need Jess to take that great of photos with our babies for holiday cards this year. Can you believe we already need to start planning? Eeek!